About Us
FUGASO is one of the leading players on the market of online gaming industry. Having in our mind improving online gaming solutions we suggest the whole set of instruments and technologies for game management. Our team help companies developing their own entertaining sites and being successful in segment of network mobile and desktop games. We explain how to attract the players and give them the best of game affection and creativity. Our gained experience allows us to find new original solutions in online gaming.

Responsible Gaming
All Fugaso games are developed with an emphasis of supporting and promoting a safe and responsible gaming environment. We have ensured that our games are in-line with industry best practice and meet the UK Gambling Commission’s Remote Technical Standards. In the case of Jackpot Series Games, the jackpot amounts are displayed in a prominent position at all times to ensure visibility for the players and clearly explain the rules related to the jackpots. We also provide players with tools to help players keep track of the time they spend gambling since they began the session, also our game client provides a reality check support that informs players on the amount wagered and current balance.