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Ever wondered why there isn't a superhero responsible for everyone’s Wealth? Well, we got you!
Wheel Of Parimatch
Ohh well, guess what? Wheel Of Parimatch has arrived and it's LUCKY!
Royal Match
For all fruit ninjas out there: try to win the royal match! This 5-reel exclusive video slot with 40 paylines is an absolute peach of art. You gotta be very excited about the big win!
King of Parimatch
This 5-reel exclusive video slot with 10 paylines is a total knockout! With Mr. Tyson by your side, you’re gonna turn these fruits into a smoothie. Get a kick out of collecting fruits and big wins!
Pari Stars
If a tree is known by its fruit, this tree is the sweetest. This 5-reel exclusive video slot with 10 paylines is gonna leave you speachless! Collect the stars—maybe one of them is your lucky one.
Book Of Parimatch
In this case, a book can indeed be judged by its cover: this 5-reel exclusive video slot with 243 paylines is amusing as well as stylish! Incredible characters, such as skulls or dragons, and promising game features are waiting for you.
Spin Tyson, Spin!
This 5-reel exclusive video slot with 20 paylines is no ordinary game but a boxing ring brought to the reels. You and Tyson make a good team, and the admiring crowd, shouting each time you smash the fruits, proves that.
Pari Stars 5
Watch how your star is rising in this 5-reel exclusive video slot with 5 paylines! Juicy fruit combos, Scatter symbols, and the gamble feature will let you win big if the stars align.
Joker Match
Why so serious? This 5-reel exclusive classic slot with 40 paylines will make you smile like never before when you hit all the juicy combinations and get a huge win!
Rise of Parimatch
The struggle for the throne of Ancient Egypt is intense in this 7-reel exclusive video slot with 9 paylines. Will you become the next pharaoh and obtain all the riches of the kingdom? Anything is possible if it pleases Amun Ra!
Joker Match 5
This 5-reel exclusive classic slot with 5 paylines is a real joker in the deck. Will you hit the big win? If you’re lucky, yes. Will you have fun while hitting juicy combos? Sure enough!
Lady of Parimatch
You’ve been invited to a lavish reception hosted by the Lady of Parimatch. Will you accept the invitation and taste delicious sweets in this 5-reel exclusive video slot with 20 paylines? If the Lady favors you, she’ll wink—a sign of great luck ahead!
Don Parimatch
Welcome to the place of big guns and big wins, ruled by none other than the Don. Take a whiskey shot, sit back in a luxury leather chair, and try this 5-reel exclusive video slot with 20 paylines. Relaxing music, astonishing beauties, and wild mafiosi on the run are included.
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